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- LD - 3xOsc Love - LD - 3xOsc Love

Rated 4 / 5 stars

hahah so cool !

Hey man...

This sounds so funny ! The way the osc turn up from c down to d !
Its that old groovy kind off sound i used to hear back in the 90`s !
Looks like you made this more for fun... and it sure is funny/groovy ! :D

I think if you use that way the osc voilates up and down in a Fat Saw you can make a real good track like benni benassi did so many times !

Club it up ! :D

greetz DJMontana

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Breed responds:

Yay for pitch envelopes and peak controllers.

I will never butcher music like Benny Bennasi does(when doing a serious song), but maybe a similar style I will touch on sometime. Thanks for the kind words!


LD & Nub - AJBS LD & Nub - AJBS

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The Easyness just comes up !

Hey breed,

Well this sure is a Different track ! The composition is not very straight foward.. not that is a bad thing, its just something you don`t hear every day !
It`s too bad you don`t used any vocals.. that could really fill up the small gaps in the sound and make it more interesting !

But the groove is very good and deep...nice deep drum you used too !
It`s not my favorit kind off trance.. but the sound is really there is not much wrongs too be found.

Nice track !

greetz DJMontana

ps: if u have some time please check out my stuff !

Breed responds:

Thank you kind sir. I am not a big fan of this track just because I left the melody so unresolving at the end of each other measure, so it just doesn't flow well. I checked out a few of your tracks and reviewed the most recent one BTW.


Dream in Minor Dream in Minor

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The Clear wave of Sounds

hello Saiai84...

i have to say that the startoff sounds pretty amazing !
Nice Clear sounds off the bass and Piano !
The track has a deep groove in it, with slitley make it a smooth Dance track.
this reminds me abit off "children" that easy going sound.

very nice overflow when the Soft Harp sounds comes in between.

There is one Thing...The bass starts off pretty energetic and then the track goes more soft, in wich case the energy off the track also drops a little...that`s not bad or good..that was youre choice... :D

Overall a Solid track man..nice Flowing Areas.

greetz DJMontana

SK - Path Alone SK - Path Alone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Short Version ??

Hey man..

the sound you made here seems ok, but why so short !?
I would suggest that you use little more deph by addind some sounds in the background.
at 1.30 the sound become more alive..this is what i mean..that sounds good.
I think if you redo this track with some Synthesizers that have more deph in them, this will sound even better... in my opnion !!

Keep Trying :D

Greetz DJMontana

[Trance Out!]-Zero- [Trance Out!]-Zero-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it`s that electro sound !

Hey man,

this track has a Real Unique sound to it ! for a moment there, i had this wow effect.
The beat is really deep wich i expect in hard trance tracks.
I think a Nice short Vocal can Give your track a better edge...

At 55 sec when that intermission comes in, wich Sounds really good !!
The way you put the lines together was real nice, but then when the beat starts to come back sounds a little off somehow. ( too much at once )

But overall for a Hard trance track as i like to call it, it sounds Unique.
Keep Experimenting...:D

Greetz DJMontana

PS: check my stuff if u have spare time.

Derrick Meyer--5 a.m. (wip) Derrick Meyer--5 a.m. (wip)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its My man behind The board !!

heya Derrick,

Did that url worked out.. ok i gave you :P ?

Anyway i Needed too look if u Posted something..

You Started off with a very nice Deep Synthesizer, and harp tones.
The sounds off the Piano is very nice and Clear.. This would be nice if you Play 1 tone higher up in volume..and then one little Lower.
You get that Step down effect wich "paul van dyck" uses sometimes.

But the Ambiet works pretty good, but the beat is not really working for me.
I would have used a different one :D
But overall a Solid Ambient track man..

Greetz DJMontana

ps: i got some new stuff as well :D

Yodamanjaro responds:

Thanks for the review man! I'll be sure to check your stuff out!


[SP] ~ Inspiration Road [SP] ~ Inspiration Road

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad man ...

Hey SP...

I haven`t heard any of your tracks yet but this track sound ok.
The beatline is very clear wich gives it a proffesional sound.
It sounds a little too simple at times for me, but you could fill those up with vocals.

When theMain Synthesizer comes in, the tracks starts to get a Life..
Real nice Broad Feeling you gave it with that Phaser you probably used :P
I think if you use a couple off vocals the track would sound more complete, but overall a Nice Solid track.

Greetz DJMontana

PS: check out my stuff if u have time :D

Blizzaine responds:

It's a high pass, not a phaser :p

Plasmic Life View (phy(final Plasmic Life View (phy(final

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Composition and Volume !!

hey man..

I see u wrote a small qoute about people taking you down with zero`s !
I have a couple off those on my tale as well, i just say leave them be ! :D
Now as far as your track goes:
I hear very nice potential when the track is halfway ! The first part is not consistant.
The melody is to different from the background, its just too much together !
But we all learn here ..right !;D i think you should take one or two things out off it.
And position the sounds a bit better, and it will have a real nice composition.

The Transition at 1.50 is really nice.. but then u put again.. too much together !
THe stutter synth.. Should be a Clean, long tone...that way it gives the front tones more depth.
Overall a track were you can learn alot from...

Keep trying ;D

Greetz DJMontana

Phyortek responds:

I just re-did it and tryed to follow your advice. The new song name is Power Fluctuates.

Thanks for the great review :-D I really appreciate it..

[LC] -Corrupt Contagion [LC] -Corrupt Contagion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sounds are Intertwined ..

Hey man..

Oehh im Sorry but i THink u used far too much Stuff together !
It`s a Real Solid track, but at the first part audio is olmost exploding because off
all the Layers it has.. So a bit too Much !!

After that the main Synthesizer comes in wich sounds together with the Female singing...Here i think u Should have made a small rest period with that voice on i hinger level.
And also here the Sound is Too much.. You are so nervous off letting all your stuff go that you put too much i one area, try too spread it out.

Here at 2.24 it sounds Really nice.. that flowing area when the beat goes down.
That is what you should use i think.

I think if u redo the track with some off these gaps remasterd the track would be more complete,..(this is my opinion)

But overall; the track has a Solid sound, and nice flowing areas

greetings DJMontana

ElectricalBypass responds:

your right heheh. I knew I added to much at one point. This song was becoming too much though (it couldnt even run on my Dual Core :( )

Thanks for the advice

Brando - Feeling Trance Final? Brando - Feeling Trance Final?

Rated 4 / 5 stars

New blood ! in a Deep Groove..

Hello Brando..

I must say this sounds Really full...what did u use ? ( program )

The sounding is really full in the whole aspect off the track... but i think the vocals wich are in it are Too layered down.
I barely hear them... i would suggest that u use some effects too give them a small edge in the track.

And i personally think the beat is a bit too soft...why ..? because i think you have
a talent here with flowing areas.
But you don`t use all you have ...YET . !!! i think iff you tune some things up this track will sound Really Epic.

I think overall the track sounds rgood.. only the epic extra wich youre track give is not there.

Good job...

greetz DJMontana

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hey Montana. Thanks for the review!

I use FL studio and the main reason this isn't that great is because well i did it about a whole year ago. I'm much better now and if i remade it, it would probably then be epic - just how u want it.

Thanks again.

-Cheers Brando