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hahah so cool !

Hey man...

This sounds so funny ! The way the osc turn up from c down to d !
Its that old groovy kind off sound i used to hear back in the 90`s !
Looks like you made this more for fun... and it sure is funny/groovy ! :D

I think if you use that way the osc voilates up and down in a Fat Saw you can make a real good track like benni benassi did so many times !

Club it up ! :D

greetz DJMontana

Breed responds:

Yay for pitch envelopes and peak controllers.

I will never butcher music like Benny Bennasi does(when doing a serious song), but maybe a similar style I will touch on sometime. Thanks for the kind words!


The Easyness just comes up !

Hey breed,

Well this sure is a Different track ! The composition is not very straight foward.. not that is a bad thing, its just something you don`t hear every day !
It`s too bad you don`t used any vocals.. that could really fill up the small gaps in the sound and make it more interesting !

But the groove is very good and deep...nice deep drum you used too !
It`s not my favorit kind off trance.. but the sound is really pure..so there is not much wrongs too be found.

Nice track !

greetz DJMontana

ps: if u have some time please check out my stuff !

Breed responds:

Thank you kind sir. I am not a big fan of this track just because I left the melody so unresolving at the end of each other measure, so it just doesn't flow well. I checked out a few of your tracks and reviewed the most recent one BTW.


The Clear wave of Sounds

hello Saiai84...

i have to say that the startoff sounds pretty amazing !
Nice Clear sounds off the bass and Piano !
The track has a deep groove in it, with slitley make it a smooth Dance track.
this reminds me abit off "children" that easy going sound.

very nice overflow when the Soft Harp sounds comes in between.

There is one Thing...The bass starts off pretty energetic and then the track goes more soft, in wich case the energy off the track also drops a little...that`s not bad or good..that was youre choice... :D

Overall a Solid track man..nice Flowing Areas.

greetz DJMontana

Hey Evrybody.. Im here at NG to Share my Hobby with music. I try to develop my own trance style wich takes alot off time and effort, but with some good advice things go twice as fast. i`m always interested in sharing exp... greetz DJMontana

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